Hello and Welcome to My Blog!

Image of the Union Jack in a heart shapeHi I’m Cathy, welcome to my blog! I am a new mother-to-be and my husband, Robert and I have set ourselves the challenge of finding the baby products we need that are made in the UK and as eco-friendly as possible.

This challenge came about after a shopping trip where we looked at all the new born clothes to buy from Next, Gap, BHS, M&S, Boots and other high street stores. We found, much to our dismay that they were all made in China, Sri Lanka or India.

Being business owners for the last 12 years we have made a commitment not to outsource our services out of the country but to support and provide employment in the UK. We make it a priority to try to buy from local, independent suppliers and shops where we can, not only to support their businesses, but also to reduce the carbon-miles of the items we purchase.

The Government is also relying on the private sector to provide growth to the economy and employment during this time of painful cuts to reduce the deficit. This will be achieved if we buy more products that are made or manufactured in the UK.

However, I’m ashamed to say, we have already fallen at the first hurdle by being quite taken in by discounts and lovely designs and have found that some of our purchases so far include products made in China!


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