Made in Kenilworth by Me!

Picture of the Baby Dress I'm MakingI decided the best way to have some lovely baby dresses and outfits was to make my own!

So I raided my material collection and found some gorgeous pink and white dotty material and some cream with pink hearts material. I bought a pattern from our local sewing shop and have been trying to make a dress for the last 4 weeks!!

I only sew for 2 hours every Wednesday afternoon at my local sewing class so it takes a while to make any significant progress!

It took me a week to trace the pattern for a 0-3 month size baby dress and cut out all the material. Then the second week I made the skirt part but when I was sewing the ruffle I managed to catch some of the skirt material by accident! This meant I had made a cut in the skirt so I printed a label with “Made by Mummy” and put that over the hole!
Picture of Made by Mummy Label

Then last week I prepared the top part and ironed on some interfacing and today I managed to attach the double sided top pieces together and to the skirt!

Next week I need to do some button holes (which I hate doing as they never turn out well!) and finish off the inside of the top part where it meets the skirt.

I’ll take another photo next week and may be I’ll have finished it!


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