The Results So Far!

I thought it was about time to count up the baby items we have and post the results of how we are doing with the challenge!

Picture of Baby Items Made In Pie ChartThe baby items we have so far:

  • Made in the UK: 10 items (inc. 6 items given to us and 1 handmade by us)
  • Made in China: 8 items (inc. 2 items given to us)
  • Unknown Origin: 6 items (all given to us)
  • Made in Europe: 4 items
  • Made in India: 1 item (given to us)
  • Made in Turkey: 1 item (given to us)

Only 33% of all the items we have bought so far are made in the UK!

27% are from China, 13% are from Europe, 3% from India and 3% from Turkey.

I’m pleased that we have bought or been given baby products from the UK more than any other country, but 33% is still very low!


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