Challenge Update

Picture of Baby Products Made In Pie ChartTime for an update on our challenge I think! Since the last post we have bought 5 more baby products made in the UK and 1 made in Europe so the results should be getting better.

Of the 36 baby items we have so far:

  • Made in the UK: 15 items (inc. 6 items given to us and 1 handmade by us)
  • Made in China: 8 items (inc. 2 items given to us)
  • Unknown Origin: 6 items (all given to us)
  • Made in Europe: 5 items
  • Made in India: 1 item (given to us)
  • Made in Turkey: 1 item (given to us)

Now we are getting somewhere! 41.7% of all the items we have bought so far are made in the UK!

Hopefully we can get over 50% and start heading towards 75%!

I’ve just about decided that I’m going to return 2 baby products we ordered online from Mothercare that are made in China; the travel changing mat and the last baby dress. Once I have returned them the number of baby items made in China will only be 6.


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