Mattress Madness!

Picture of Mothercare MattressAs you will know from my previous post on cot bed mattresses on 15th July (A Good Night’s Sleep!) we were thinking of buying the Mothercare Luxury Pocket Sprung Mattress. We really didn’t know what to look for in a cot bed mattress and this one we found at Mothercare is also made in the UK which is quite unusual and difficult to find in this shop!

Since then we have realised that this mattress will be full of man-made materials and chemicals. We have asthma and eczema running in both families so we need to make sure everything is as natural as possible to try to prevent our daughter from developing these health issues.

Little Green Sheep LogoNaturalmat LogoSo I started to look for cot bed mattresses made of natural materials and found 2 companies; Naturalmat and the Little Green Sheep.

Picture of Organic Cot Bed MattressPicture of Coco Organic Cot Bed MattressThey both sell natural and organic cot bed mattresses made in the UK and manufactured from coconut coir and wool. The mattresses are 100% chemical-free, naturally fire retardant, non-allergenic, breathable and anti-dust mite. Both come with a 5 year guarantee and conform to the British Standards for cot bed mattresses.

I found that the Little Green Sheep company is based only 27 miles away near Alcester in Warwickshire, so we have arranged to visit their showroom on Saturday to see the mattresses. I’ll update the blog if we decide to buy one!


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