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Handmade Baby Toys and Sewing!

Picture of Sock ToysMy sister and I went to a fab vintage handmade fair on Sunday in Hatton. We had tea and cake on vintage china and spent some time looking around all the lovely stalls of handmade goodies!

I found these gorgeous handmade sock toys and bought a black and white one and a pink stripy one for just £8!

Picture of Felt PenguinI also bought a penguin felt making kit! They are really Christmas tree decorations but because they are black and white I thought they would be good for our baby to look at in her car seat or around the house! I also added a bell inside the penguin to make it more interesting!

Picture of Felt SquaresBecause I’ve had some unexpected spare time on my hands I decided to get on and make the black and white felt squares for our daughter to look at in the first few weeks/months when she can only see high contrast things!

I searched the internet for someone who had made something similar and found a blog post on The Crafting Chicks website which gave me ideas for the patterns to make. I decided to machine sew the shapes onto the felt squares instead of glue because I didn’t want little bits of felt coming off and being a choking risk! I think I’ll also make some smaller ones and sew them into a cube to hang off the car seat handle too.

Picture of Light ExcluderI finally finished another sewing project which was to make a light excluder for the outside of the nursery door. It’s obviously really a draft excluder but we need it to stop light from getting into the nursery from under the bottom of the old cottage door!

It’s quite shabby chic as I didn’t do a very good job on sewing the hearts on but it does the job!!


I’ve Finished the Baby Dungarees!

Picture of Baby DungareesWell after another 2 hour sewing session this week, I managed to finish the baby dungarees I was working on!

Again I think it has taken me 5 weeks of 2 hour sewing sessions to finish them! And I sewed on the leg poppers, machined the button-holes and added 4 buttons in the evenings as well!

So much for being quicker this time around! Never mind they are finished and I think they look okay!

Picture of Handmade Owl DoorstopFor the last 2 Wednesday mornings, I’ve also been going to another sewing class, held at the Almanack in Kenilworth, to handmake an Owl Doorstop for the nursery!

We don’t actually need a doorstop but I thought it could go somewhere in the room for our daughter to laugh at!

What’s next on my sewing project list? Well I need to make a travel changing mat and a draft excluder for outside the nursery door.

Another 2 baby items handmade in the UK!

My Mum Knitted…

Picture of Knitted Baby Cardigan, Hat and Mitten SetMy very talented Mum has knitted this lovely pink baby cardigan, baby hat and scratch mittens for us and also gave us a crochet baby blanket too.

I just can’t wait to see our daughter in this set with the gorgeous pink and white flowers!

Her next project is a lovely navy nautical baby cardigan with a white stripe around the collar and front.

Handmade Baby Dungarees!

Picture of Baby DungareesI’ve made some progress on my next sewing project; the baby dungarees! I managed to zig zag stitch around a flower shape in dark red gingham fabric on the top part – admittedly not very neatly but from a distance it looks okay!

I also managed to sew around the bottom of the legs incorporating the extra thick seam for the poppers. I’ve just got to machine the top part, create the slight gathering on the waist of the trousers and attach the two together. I say “just” but it’ll probably take me another couple of Wednesday afternoons to do this!

I was hoping it would only take me 3 weeks to make but it looks like it might be 4! I am going to try to sew on all the poppers one evening so that the bottoms of the trousers are finished.

If I’m feeling brave I might have a go at machine sewing the seams on the top part but don’t hold your breath!

Had a Go at Making My Own Baby Shower Invitations!

Picture of Baby Shower Invitation CardOn Saturday afternoon I thought I’d have a go at making my own Baby Shower invitation! I spent sometime looking through Google images to get some inspiration and then set to work on it.

I found some pink gingham sticky backed fabric and some suitable buttons to make the pram. I then managed to use a straight stitch on my sewing machine to create the pram legs! Printing the details inside was the tricky bit as the printer wouldn’t play nice! In the end I managed to do it after several attempts and added some sticky pink stripey tape above and below the text.

I dug out my 3D sticky squares so I could make the Baby Shower printed card stand out on the front.

And hey presto it was finished! Then I had to have a snooze as all that creative effort had worn me out! Goodness knows if I’ll have the energy to make 15-20 of them, so we might be back to buying some!

What am I Making Next?

Picture of Burda Pattern for Baby ClothesI’ve decided to make another baby outfit from the sewing pattern I bought – this time I’ve chosen to make some dungarees (circled in red in the picture).

Thankfully the top part is the same as the top part of the dress I made, so I should be quicker at making that bit. Yesterday I copied the pattern onto baking parchment and cut out all the fabric. I then managed (under guidance of the sewing teacher) to machine the pants part together and attach the popper band between the legs!

I’m hoping instead of the 5 weeks that it took me to make the dress, it might only take me 3 weeks to make the dungarees!

The Dress is Finished!

Picture of Handmade DressToday I managed to finish my first baby dress! It took another 2 hours to finish hand stitching the dress top to the skirt on the inside, machining the 2 button holes and fixing the 4 buttons on. Although I machined the button holes very well, I did them with the best side on the inside rather than the outside! But once the button is pulled through it’s not really noticeable!

In total it’s taken around 12 hours, £20 in sewing club fees, £5.60 for the pattern plus the cost of the material and buttons (which I don’t have a record of)! But it is the first ever piece of clothing I’ve ever made and baby clothes seem to be particularly difficult because they are so small and fiddly.

Our daughter will probably only wear it for a month or so!