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I’ve Found Loads of Gorgeous Baby Blankets!

Picture of Pink and White Gingham Lambswool Baby Blanket I was delighted to find that there are loads of gorgeous baby blankets that are made in the UK!

Picture of Pink Reversible Spot Lambswool Baby Blanket Picture of Pink and White Checked Lambswool Baby Blanket

The first ones I found are from Atlantic Blanket, made from lambswool in Yorkshire. I love the pink and white gingham baby blanket (£25), the pink reversible spot baby blanket (£40 made in Ireland) and the pink and white checked baby blanket (£22).

Please note that not all their blankets are made in the UK but they do state on all their product pages the origin of the blanket which is very helpful.

Picture of Knitted Baby Blankets

Then I found Smitten who knit lovely baby blankets made in the UK from a blend of 80% eco-friendly bamboo yarn and 20% wool.Picture of Ruby Knitted Baby BlanketPicture of Luella Knitted Baby Blanket I love the Luella and Ruby baby blankets (£66).

They also offer a bespoke service where you can personalise a blanket starting from £70.

Picture of Fairisle Lambswool Baby Buggy BlanketPicture of Pink Breton Stripe Lambswool Baby BlanketTuppence & Crumble sell these beautiful lambswool baby blankets, knitted in Scotland and finished with blanket stitch edging. I love their pink Breton Stripe baby blanket (£37.50) and Fairisle baby buggy blanket (£49.50).


My Mum Knitted…

Picture of Knitted Baby Cardigan, Hat and Mitten SetMy very talented Mum has knitted this lovely pink baby cardigan, baby hat and scratch mittens for us and also gave us a crochet baby blanket too.

I just can’t wait to see our daughter in this set with the gorgeous pink and white flowers!

Her next project is a lovely navy nautical baby cardigan with a white stripe around the collar and front.

Baby Things Given To Us

Picture of Blankets and SheetsWe have received very kind donations of baby blankets, sheets, clothes and a steriliser from our friends.

I have looked at all the labels on each item and found out as much as I can about where they were made.

We have been given:

  • 2 Cellular Blankets (Yellow and Cyan) from Mothercare – Made in the UK
  • 1 Cellular Blanket (White) from IKEA – Made in India
  • 1 Cot Bed Sheet (Yellow) from Mothercare – Made in Turkey
  • 2 Cot Bed Sheets (Yellow) – label washed away!
  • 2 Flannels (White) – no label
  • Blanket (White with Pink Flowers) – Made in China
  • Floor Blanket (Blue) from Marks & Spencer – Made in the UK
  • Floor Blanket (Pink Quilted) – Handmade in Devon

Picture of Avent Steam Steriliser and BottlePicture of Baby TrousersWe have also been given an Avent Steam Steriliser and feeding bottle, both of which I found were made in England!

This very kind gift has saved us £39.99!

Picture of Changing MatIn addition we’ve also been given these gorgeous baby trousers for a 3-6 month old (from George at Asda and made in China) and a lovely changing mat with ducks on it (no label).

So that’s 6 items made in the UK, 2 items made in China, 1 item made in India, 1 item made in Turkey and 5 items with their country of manufacture unknown!

Found these Cute Socks!

After being woken at 6.30am by the baby kicking I started searching for more baby products made in the UK!

Lilly + Sid LogoAnd I found these very cute socks from Lilly + Sid (www.lillyandsid.com) and they are UK made!

Picture of Lilly + Sid Girls Baby Socks

Picture of Lilly + Sid Girls Knitted BlanketThey come in a lovely presentation box and there are 3 styles to choose from (£18 for 5 pairs).

They also sell a lovely knitted blanket (£35) made in the UK …

I don’t think their other products are made in the UK so watch out for the ones that have the Union Jack Flag on them.