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Picture of Baby SnowsuitPicture of Baby Wadded Pinny DressI decided to return some of the original Mothercare products that we purchased and found were made in China.

Back went the Travel Changing Mat, Snowsuit and Wadded Pinny Dress!

So now I have £26 on a Mothercare gift card and can’t find anything in their store that we need and is made in the UK!!!


Look What We Found In Cornwall!

Picture of Cornwall CottageWe decided for our 13th Wedding Anniversary to go away for a long weekend to Cornwall. We stayed in this gorgeous cottage in Mousehole and on Saturday visited the lovely town of St. Ives.

Picture of Lizzie Shirt Baby TopWhilst looking in all the wonderful little boutique shops we found one called LAFF selling lots of baby and children’s clothes made in the UK. They stocked brands such as Lizzie Shirt, Little Blossoms, Madfish Clothing and Inch Blue all designed and manufactured in the UK (mostly in Cornwall).

Picture of Little Blossoms Baby DungareesWe bought a baby top by Lizzie Shirt and some baby dungarees with butterflies on by Little Blossoms.

Then on Sunday we decided to visit St. Just and as we were driving in we spotted a craft shop and Robert saw a sign in the window for Little Blossoms!

Picture of Little Blossoms Winter CoatThey weren’t really open but the owner let us go in and we chatted for ages about the baby clothes and finding ones made in the UK. It was great to meet the designer and maker of the clothes and we couldn’t help ourselves and bought 4 more items!

Picture of Little Blossoms Baby DressWe loved this thick fleecy coat and bought it in size 1-2yr old so that we would get more wear out of it! We also bought a gorgeous baby pink flower dress, blue spotty baby jacket and pink spotty dungarees.

Picture of Little Blossoms Baby JacketThe fabrics were just gorgeous and we were sorely tempted to buy everything in the shop!

In addition all the Little Blossom clothes are reversible so there are pockets and decorative flowers on the inside and outside, so they can be worn either way. We were very impressed to say the least!

In general, Cornwall seems to be very proud of all it makes and shouts about it at every opportunity! Why don’t we do this in Warwickshire?

The Dress is Finished!

Picture of Handmade DressToday I managed to finish my first baby dress! It took another 2 hours to finish hand stitching the dress top to the skirt on the inside, machining the 2 button holes and fixing the 4 buttons on. Although I machined the button holes very well, I did them with the best side on the inside rather than the outside! But once the button is pulled through it’s not really noticeable!

In total it’s taken around 12 hours, £20 in sewing club fees, £5.60 for the pattern plus the cost of the material and buttons (which I don’t have a record of)! But it is the first ever piece of clothing I’ve ever made and baby clothes seem to be particularly difficult because they are so small and fiddly.

Our daughter will probably only wear it for a month or so!

Made in Kenilworth by Me!

Picture of the Baby Dress I'm MakingI decided the best way to have some lovely baby dresses and outfits was to make my own!

So I raided my material collection and found some gorgeous pink and white dotty material and some cream with pink hearts material. I bought a pattern from our local sewing shop and have been trying to make a dress for the last 4 weeks!!

I only sew for 2 hours every Wednesday afternoon at my local sewing class so it takes a while to make any significant progress!

It took me a week to trace the pattern for a 0-3 month size baby dress and cut out all the material. Then the second week I made the skirt part but when I was sewing the ruffle I managed to catch some of the skirt material by accident! This meant I had made a cut in the skirt so I printed a label with “Made by Mummy” and put that over the hole!
Picture of Made by Mummy Label

Then last week I prepared the top part and ironed on some interfacing and today I managed to attach the double sided top pieces together and to the skirt!

Next week I need to do some button holes (which I hate doing as they never turn out well!) and finish off the inside of the top part where it meets the skirt.

I’ll take another photo next week and may be I’ll have finished it!

Then we Placed an Order with Mothercare Online…

Picture of 6 Mothercare ProductsMothercare were doing a great sale and we looked down our list of things we needed and found quite a few items were in discounted on their website.

So, again without thinking about where the products were made, we place an order for:

  • Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump (10% off)
  • Avent Digital Room and Bath Thermometer
  • Baby Bouncer Seat
  • Snowsuit (42%)
  • 3 Dresses (up to 40%)
  • Travel Changing Mat

As you can see some of the discounts were big and some of the dresses were very cute!

Once the order was delivered to our home we investigated all the labels to see where they had all been made. Unfortunately everything except the Medela Swing was made in China. The Medela Breast Pump box states its country of origin as Switzerland but that could mean it was boxed there not necessarily made there. I can’t open the box as it can’t be returned if the label is broken and expressing and me might not get on okay!

So we decided to return 2 of the dresses as they were a bit light and more for summer than winter (and made in China!). Also I’ve decided to make some baby dresses so we really didn’t need them that much.

Regarding the other items we have, at the moment, decided to keep them and are going down under the “failure” list of products not made in the UK and hopefully from here on we can avoid products made in China and India!