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More Baby Products Bought!

Picture of Angelcare Video with Sound and Movement Baby MonitorMy husband has ordered the Angelcare Video with Movement and Sound AC1100 baby monitor from Amazon (£219.99) and I have ordered 3 organic fitted cot bed sheets!

I spent ages on the internet trying to find out where Angelcare manufacture their monitors but without finding out the answer. I did find out they are a Canadian company but I suspect they manufacture in the far east. I guess we’ll see when the baby monitor arrives as where it’s made it should be stated on the packaging.

My husband has literally just walked in while I am writing this post with the Amazon box containing the baby monitor! We both guessed it would be made in Japan or Korea but surprise, surprise it’s made in China! I’m sorry to say but we are going to keep it! We think it’s the best baby monitor to buy and we don’t want to compromise on this for our daughter seeing as she is going straight into the nursery from day 1!

Picture of DK Glovesheets Organic Fitted Cot Bed SheetMore encouraging is the fitted cot bed sheets I have bought as they are made in the UK, in Surrey by a family run company called DK Glovesheets. They have been making sheets since 1950 and have a very high standard of production practices and careful sourcing of UK or Fair Trade materials.

They buy their organic cotton from a Swiss company called Remei who have formed a partnership with growers in various developing countries with the express aim of handing over the company to the workers. The yarn is then delivered to knitters in Leicester (a small family company) and then dyed in Leicester before they collect the fabric to their workshop. The elastic edging comes from a company in Nottingham and the sewing threads from a manufacturer in Leicester.

I purchased 3 DK Glovesheets organic fitted cot bed sheets from Baby Mattresses (£33 + pp).

So 1 for the UK and 1 for China!


We’re Over 50%!

Picture of Baby Products Made In Pie ChartI thought it was time for a Challenge Update.

And as you can see 52% of all our baby items (donated, made or bought) are made in the UK! Hurrah!

We are hoping with the remaining 46 baby items we still need to buy that we can get up to 75% made in the UK.

What Would I Do Without the “Not On The High Street” Website?!

Picture of Not On The High Street WebsiteI felt I must write about the website I use the most to find UK made baby items – www.notonthehighstreet.com

What is fantastic about this website is that you can filter products by “made in Britain“. This means I can enter “baby” into the search box and then select under Special Features (bottom of left side column) the  “made in Britain” checkbox and only view UK made products.

Picture of Baby Love Hanging Wall BlocksAdmittedly there are 1000 baby products made in Britain listed on their website which is a lot to go through. So I normally narrow my search to a specific baby product like “baby romper” which gives 33 items made in Britain.

Alternatively I just use the menu system under “baby & child” and selected a category and use the “made in Britian” filter once the products have loaded.

Picture of Personalised Bunting Wooden Sailing BoatsThis is how I found these gorgeous Baby Love hanging wall blocks! They are made in Suffolk by Ditto and you can customise the colours, choose to add a mini star or heart block above and change the wording to “baby girl/boy”.

I also found these lovely personalised bunting sailboats made by Rachel Pettitt. She also makes wonderful chunky wooden beach huts, personalised hanging wooden stars and butterflies and personalised fishing boats.

More Baby Products to Buy!

I realised time is moving on and we still have a lot to buy! So I spent Saturday trying to source online the rest of the baby items we need from suppliers and makers that manufacture in the UK.

Picture of Hooded Baby TowelI found Huddle & Bliss sell a 100% pure cotton white Hooded Baby Towel (£16) made in England and it can be customised with the baby’s name for an extra £8.

Picture of Baby Bodysuits

They also sell a 3 pack of 100% pure cotton white baby bodysuits (£17) made in England.

I think we’ll need 2 of these packs!

Picture of Mix & Match Baby BibsI’m very tempted to buy their UK made 100% cotton pack of 3 baby bibs (£8.50) Picture of Baby Swaddling Blanketsand their pack of 2 baby swaddling blankets (£19) too!

We still need 4 more baby sleepsuits and Huddle & Bliss sell a mix and match 3 pack in pink, pink check and white (£22) made in the UK.
Picture of Pink Baby SleepsuitPicture of Pink Check Baby SleepsuitPicture of White Baby Sleepsuit

I do love the Organics for Kids sleepsuits and rompers though! They are gorgeous pink stripes, butterflies or spots and made in the UK from fair trade 100% organic cotton. They are expensive but last 5 months instead of 3! The baby sleepsuits and rompers below are £16.70, £18.20, £17.00 and £17.20.

Picture of Classic Baby SleepsuitPicture of Butterfly Baby RomperPicture of Classic Breton Stripe Baby RomperPicture of Pink Stripe Baby Sleepsuit

From Britain with Love!

While searching on the internet for all things made in the UK, I was excited to find this website From Britain with Love – the gorgeous guide to buying British!

From Britain with Love Logo

Their mission is to tell people that there are amazing and original products being made in studios, workshops, factories and farms across Britain every day, and their aim is to help us find them.

Picture of From Britain wtih Love Baby & Child Web PageOn the website there is a whole section dedicated to “Baby & Child” detailing suppliers of British made products for Children’s Rooms, Children’s Clothes, Baby Clothes, Baby & Children’s Gifts, Toys & Games and Baby Essentials.

I have already found loads of new retailers of baby products that are made in the UK which I will post about over the coming days.

10 Great Reasons to Make it British LogoCheck out their page on 10 Great Reasons to Make it British

  • Choose original and distinctive products
  • Discover regional specialities
  • Choose products made from quality materials
  • Support home-grown talent, creativity and innovation
  • Buy less and treasure it more
  • Great investment that will grow in value
  • Meet the people who make your products
  • Seek out exciting new products
  • Have fun and learn a new skill
  • Be constantly inspired

Read the From Britain with Love blog at www.frombritainwithlove.com/blog/

Their website is a goldmine of lovely British made producers and I’ll be spending a lot of time checking them out – why don’t you?