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Biodegradable Eco Baby Wipes Made in the UK

Nature Babycare LogoPicture of Eco Baby WipesWe wanted to find a very gentle, fragrance-free baby wipes that were also environmentally friendly. We came across the Swedish Nature Babycare brand and were please to find they made a baby wipes that were:

  • Biodegradable
  • Contains aloe Vera
  • 100% chlorine free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Perfume free
  • Packaging based on natural and renewable materials

So the next thing was to find out where the baby wipes were made. So I sent the company an email to ask and they replied with the good news that they are made in the UK!

There are 70 wipes in there standard pack and they also produce a smaller travel pack with 30 wipes.

Definitely a purchase for us!


Baby Skincare Made in the UK

I came across this fabulous website called Boo Boo (www.boobooshop.com) that makes luxurious baby skincare products using ultra-kind, safe and natural ingredients.

Picture of Boo Boo Website

Picture of My Little Box of Boo BoosThey sell products such as Soft & Splashy Bubbles, Bottom Butter, Top to Toe Wash and Baby Lotion (all £7.99) all made in the UK.

There is also a gorgeous gift box full of natural skin-care goodies for your baby called My Little Box of Boo Boos (£16.99).

Check out their luxurious Mummy skincare products too!