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Baby Socks Made in the UK

Picture of Baby SocksPopped into Kenilworth on Friday and just had to go to the Little Clothes Horse to see if they had any more baby clothes I could buy!

I found they had these lovely baby socks (£1.49 each) made in the UK – so I bought 3 pairs (cream, pink and white)!

Picture of Little Clothes Horse ShopNo idea if I needed them really but our baby girl will be born in winter so I’m sure we’ll need to keep her feet extra warm!

The shop owner, Karen, is very kindly going to let me know if any of her new stock is made in the UK so I can pop back and buy some more baby clothes.


Found these Cute Socks!

After being woken at 6.30am by the baby kicking I started searching for more baby products made in the UK!

Lilly + Sid LogoAnd I found these very cute socks from Lilly + Sid (www.lillyandsid.com) and they are UK made!

Picture of Lilly + Sid Girls Baby Socks

Picture of Lilly + Sid Girls Knitted BlanketThey come in a lovely presentation box and there are 3 styles to choose from (£18 for 5 pairs).

They also sell a lovely knitted blanket (£35) made in the UK …

I don’t think their other products are made in the UK so watch out for the ones that have the Union Jack Flag on them.