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Handmade Baby Toys and Sewing!

Picture of Sock ToysMy sister and I went to a fab vintage handmade fair on Sunday in Hatton. We had tea and cake on vintage china and spent some time looking around all the lovely stalls of handmade goodies!

I found these gorgeous handmade sock toys and bought a black and white one and a pink stripy one for just £8!

Picture of Felt PenguinI also bought a penguin felt making kit! They are really Christmas tree decorations but because they are black and white I thought they would be good for our baby to look at in her car seat or around the house! I also added a bell inside the penguin to make it more interesting!

Picture of Felt SquaresBecause I’ve had some unexpected spare time on my hands I decided to get on and make the black and white felt squares for our daughter to look at in the first few weeks/months when she can only see high contrast things!

I searched the internet for someone who had made something similar and found a blog post on The Crafting Chicks website which gave me ideas for the patterns to make. I decided to machine sew the shapes onto the felt squares instead of glue because I didn’t want little bits of felt coming off and being a choking risk! I think I’ll also make some smaller ones and sew them into a cube to hang off the car seat handle too.

Picture of Light ExcluderI finally finished another sewing project which was to make a light excluder for the outside of the nursery door. It’s obviously really a draft excluder but we need it to stop light from getting into the nursery from under the bottom of the old cottage door!

It’s quite shabby chic as I didn’t do a very good job on sewing the hearts on but it does the job!!