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Then we Placed an Order with Mothercare Online…

Picture of 6 Mothercare ProductsMothercare were doing a great sale and we looked down our list of things we needed and found quite a few items were in discounted on their website.

So, again without thinking about where the products were made, we place an order for:

  • Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump (10% off)
  • Avent Digital Room and Bath Thermometer
  • Baby Bouncer Seat
  • Snowsuit (42%)
  • 3 Dresses (up to 40%)
  • Travel Changing Mat

As you can see some of the discounts were big and some of the dresses were very cute!

Once the order was delivered to our home we investigated all the labels to see where they had all been made. Unfortunately everything except the Medela Swing was made in China. The Medela Breast Pump box states its country of origin as Switzerland but that could mean it was boxed there not necessarily made there. I can’t open the box as it can’t be returned if the label is broken and expressing and me might not get on okay!

So we decided to return 2 of the dresses as they were a bit light and more for summer than winter (and made in China!). Also I’ve decided to make some baby dresses so we really didn’t need them that much.

Regarding the other items we have, at the moment, decided to keep them and are going down under the “failure” list of products not made in the UK and hopefully from here on we can avoid products made in China and India!