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More Baby Products Bought!

Picture of Angelcare Video with Sound and Movement Baby MonitorMy husband has ordered the Angelcare Video with Movement and Sound AC1100 baby monitor from Amazon (£219.99) and I have ordered 3 organic fitted cot bed sheets!

I spent ages on the internet trying to find out where Angelcare manufacture their monitors but without finding out the answer. I did find out they are a Canadian company but I suspect they manufacture in the far east. I guess we’ll see when the baby monitor arrives as where it’s made it should be stated on the packaging.

My husband has literally just walked in while I am writing this post with the Amazon box containing the baby monitor! We both guessed it would be made in Japan or Korea but surprise, surprise it’s made in China! I’m sorry to say but we are going to keep it! We think it’s the best baby monitor to buy and we don’t want to compromise on this for our daughter seeing as she is going straight into the nursery from day 1!

Picture of DK Glovesheets Organic Fitted Cot Bed SheetMore encouraging is the fitted cot bed sheets I have bought as they are made in the UK, in Surrey by a family run company called DK Glovesheets. They have been making sheets since 1950 and have a very high standard of production practices and careful sourcing of UK or Fair Trade materials.

They buy their organic cotton from a Swiss company called Remei who have formed a partnership with growers in various developing countries with the express aim of handing over the company to the workers. The yarn is then delivered to knitters in Leicester (a small family company) and then dyed in Leicester before they collect the fabric to their workshop. The elastic edging comes from a company in Nottingham and the sewing threads from a manufacturer in Leicester.

I purchased 3 DK Glovesheets organic fitted cot bed sheets from Baby Mattresses (£33 + pp).

So 1 for the UK and 1 for China!