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We’ve Bought More UK Made Baby Stuff!

Picture of Avent Breast Milk and Food ContainersI was a little over excited today when I was in Mothercare! I wasn’t intending on buying anything but they had a 3 for 2 offer.

I had been to Next to pick up a nursery light shade we had ordered but it had not arrived at the store, which was annoying as I’d made the trip into Coventry just to pick it up! So feeling cheated out of a purchase, I was keen to find something in Mothercare that was made in the UK that I could buy!

Picture of Avent Newborn Starter Bottle SetI remembered Avent have a large manufacturing factory in Suffolk, England and I had seen a box of Avent Breast Milk Containers that I thought we probably needed. Then I found they had the Avent Newborn Starter Bottle Set (£25.54) and Electric Bottle Warmer (£39.99) we had on our list to buy. I realised I could get the Breast Milk Containers (£8.49) for free on their 3 for 2 offer. I checked the boxes and found a lovely “Made in the UK” label on them all.

Picture of Avent Bottle WarmerHowever, I thought I would check with Robert the price I had put in our Baby List for these items, so I phoned him. He found that we were going to buy the Newborn Starter Bottle Set for only £12.99 and the Electric Bottle Warmer for only £15.65 from a local, independent retailer, Kiddisave. So even with Mothercare’s 3 for 2 offer we would be massively over paying for these items, so back on the shelf they went!

Picture of Precious Bear Baby BathPicture of Precious Bear Top 'n' Tail BowlI was very pleased when I found Mothercare had some baby baths made in the UK so I selected the “Precious Bear” range. I bought the Baby Bath (14.99) and the Top ‘n’ Tail Bowl (£6.99) with the Breast Milk Containers (£8.49). So I got the Top ‘n’ Tail Bowl free on their 3 for 2 offer.

Picture of Stokke Xplory Adaptor for Maxi Cosi Car SeatRobert decided while he was online, looking at the other items on the Kiddisave website, to order them along with the Maxi Cosi Car Seat Adaptors for our Stokke stroller (£29.95).

So we bought 5 items today that are made in the UK and 1 item made in the Netherlands. Quite an achievement I think!


The First Thing We Bought!

Picture of the Stokke Xplory Stroller in Red FabricWe decided to go to the Baby Show at the NEC in May with the sole purpose of researching and finding the best stroller and car seat.

We had already seen the Stokke Xplory stroller (www.stokke.com/en-gb/) in a magazine and wanted to test it out and look at the alternatives.

The design and ethos of the Xplory stroller had captured our imagination and a demonstration by Stokke impressed us further. We liked:

  • The way the baby could be positioned extremely high up and close to you on the stroller promoting bonding with the baby
  • The collapsing mechanism to 2 wheels is very helpful for stairs and lifts
  • The fact that the stroller could be easily used as a high chair in restaurants
  • The lie-flat position of the car seat meaning the baby can stay in the seat longer than 2 hours

The only down side to the car seat was the weight at 4.5kg before the baby is even in it! I’ll need to work out just to lift it!

However, we decided we needed to check out the other options to make sure there was nothing better so off we went to the Mothercare stand! We had a demonstration of a Quinny stroller but it looked a lot less sturdy, more complex to use and did not have many different baby positions.

I must admit at this point we were not conscious of finding out where any of the strollers were made but were focused on finding the best product for our baby. However when we visited the 3 suppliers of the Stokke Xplory stroller to obtain prices we did know we wanted to buy from an independent retailer rather than a large, multinational company like Mothercare.

As it happened we had the most competitive price from a local independent retailer, Kiddisave (www.kiddisave.co.uk), who are based in Walsall. So we placed our order with them for the Stokke Xplory Stroller, matching changing bag, car seat and ISOfix base. They very kindly also gave us the Xplory cup holder for free!

I have done quite a lot of research on the internet to find out where Stokke manufacture their Xplory stroller and it seems they are made in Norway (although I did find one reference to the wheels being made in China). So I have sent an email to Stokke to ask them whether the whole product is made in Norway and I’ll update this post once I have an answer from them.

Update (8th July 2011)

I have received a reply from Stokke about where the Xplory stroller is made and they said that it is designed in Norway, the chassis is manufactured in the Netherlands and the upholstery comes from China! So mostly made in Europe which is good I guess…?