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Bought Another Gorgeous Baby Romper!

Picture of Kinderroom ShopOn a recent shopping trip to Leamington I discovered a lovely children’s furniture and toy shop called Kinderroom. As I ventured in I found that they also had a small range of baby clothes.

Visit their website here www.kinderroom.co.uk

I was delighted to find that they stocked baby clothes brands Organics for Kids (designed and made in the UK), Lilly + Sid (designed and some items made in the UK) and No Added Sugar (designed in the UK, made in Portugal).

Organics for Kids Pink Spotty Baby RomperI decided to buy this gorgeous Organics for Kids pink spotty romper suit (£17)! It is expensive but it is made in the UK and it will last 5 months unlike most rompers that only last 3 months.

The only other dilemma was that there are no poppers in the legs. So access to nappies may be troublesome but I was won over by the gorgeousness of it!

The shop also had some wonderful locally handmade fabric name pictures which I’ll have to take a look at again!


Found these Cute Socks!

After being woken at 6.30am by the baby kicking I started searching for more baby products made in the UK!

Lilly + Sid LogoAnd I found these very cute socks from Lilly + Sid (www.lillyandsid.com) and they are UK made!

Picture of Lilly + Sid Girls Baby Socks

Picture of Lilly + Sid Girls Knitted BlanketThey come in a lovely presentation box and there are 3 styles to choose from (£18 for 5 pairs).

They also sell a lovely knitted blanket (£35) made in the UK …

I don’t think their other products are made in the UK so watch out for the ones that have the Union Jack Flag on them.