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Picture of Baby SnowsuitPicture of Baby Wadded Pinny DressI decided to return some of the original Mothercare products that we purchased and found were made in China.

Back went the Travel Changing Mat, Snowsuit and Wadded Pinny Dress!

So now I have £26 on a Mothercare gift card and can’t find anything in their store that we need and is made in the UK!!!


Saturday’s Buying Spree!

On Saturday we had a very busy day! We went to the Birth & Baby Show in Leamington Spa and attended a couple of seminars on Baby Signing and Baby Swimming, as well as talking through our washable nappy options with Anna from the Cotton Nappy Company.

Picture of Wooden Elephant Baby MobileBefore visiting the Cotton Nappy Company shop in Leamington we popped in to Bravissimo to buy a couple of nursing bras (disappointingly made in China but very necessary!) and also into the Kinderroom shop to see if we could find any UK made baby toys.

We couldn’t find any toys made in the UK but purchased a wooden elephant mobile to go over the changing mat area that was made in Germany (£25.50).

TotsBots LogoWe then made our way to the Cotton Nappy Company shop and bought all the washable nappies and accessories we needed.

We had already decided on TotsBots nappies because they are made in the UK (Glasgow) and also because they have bamboo in them which is good for preventing eczema – click here see my previous post about choosing nappies.

Picture of Teenyfit White NappiesWe decided to buy 16 Teenyfit nappies (5-14lbs baby weight) which won’t last long but are a very straight forward one piece nappy, to make our lives a little easier in the first few weeks of having our new baby daughter!

Picture of Easyfit White NappiesWe then also ordered 16 Easyfit one size nappies (8lbs – toddler) for daytime wearing and 4 Bamboozle Stretch 2 piece nappies in size 2 for night time, along with 2 waterproof wraps (size 1 and size 2). These nappies should last us from birth to potty training.

Picture of Bamboozle Stretch NappiesAlong with the nappies we bought an accessory kit consisting of a nappy bucket (in a lovely lavender colour), 2 nappy mesh bags, 200 TotsBots  flushable and biodegradable liners (made in the UK), lavender oil (to fragrance the bucket), pack of 80 herbal natural baby wipes (made in China), 20 washable wipes (made in the UK), 1 waterproof nappy bag (made in China) and 2 TotsBots bamboo nappy boosters (made in the UK).

Picture of Swimtots Pink NappyWe also decided to buy an extra waterproof nappy bag (made in China), a pack of 6 washable nursing pads (made in Hungary), TotsBots swimming nappy (made in the UK) and a pack of 25 Natracare disposable nursing pads (made in the UK).

Phew! That took some doing! We then went home for a well earned rest!

Nearly New Sale Dilemma!

Picture of NCT Nearly New SaleI’m off to a NCT nearly new sale on Saturday with my sister to see if I can pick up some more baby items we need.

But my dilemma regarding our challenge is whether it is okay to buy second hand baby items that are not made in the UK?

So if I find a lovely baby outfit that was made in China is that okay to buy because I’m recycling and not increasing China’s imports to our country. However, I’m still not increasing UK manufacturing either!

So would my purchase be neutral? It would neither help UK or China’s manufacturing economy so actually I guess it is detrimental to the UK business economy.

I think I’ll go and try in the first instance to find baby items made in the UK, then Europe and then elsewhere in that order and see how I get on!

More Baby Products Bought!

Picture of Angelcare Video with Sound and Movement Baby MonitorMy husband has ordered the Angelcare Video with Movement and Sound AC1100 baby monitor from Amazon (£219.99) and I have ordered 3 organic fitted cot bed sheets!

I spent ages on the internet trying to find out where Angelcare manufacture their monitors but without finding out the answer. I did find out they are a Canadian company but I suspect they manufacture in the far east. I guess we’ll see when the baby monitor arrives as where it’s made it should be stated on the packaging.

My husband has literally just walked in while I am writing this post with the Amazon box containing the baby monitor! We both guessed it would be made in Japan or Korea but surprise, surprise it’s made in China! I’m sorry to say but we are going to keep it! We think it’s the best baby monitor to buy and we don’t want to compromise on this for our daughter seeing as she is going straight into the nursery from day 1!

Picture of DK Glovesheets Organic Fitted Cot Bed SheetMore encouraging is the fitted cot bed sheets I have bought as they are made in the UK, in Surrey by a family run company called DK Glovesheets. They have been making sheets since 1950 and have a very high standard of production practices and careful sourcing of UK or Fair Trade materials.

They buy their organic cotton from a Swiss company called Remei who have formed a partnership with growers in various developing countries with the express aim of handing over the company to the workers. The yarn is then delivered to knitters in Leicester (a small family company) and then dyed in Leicester before they collect the fabric to their workshop. The elastic edging comes from a company in Nottingham and the sewing threads from a manufacturer in Leicester.

I purchased 3 DK Glovesheets organic fitted cot bed sheets from Baby Mattresses (£33 + pp).

So 1 for the UK and 1 for China!

Challenge Update

Picture of Baby Products Made In Pie ChartTime for an update on our challenge I think! Since the last post we have bought 5 more baby products made in the UK and 1 made in Europe so the results should be getting better.

Of the 36 baby items we have so far:

  • Made in the UK: 15 items (inc. 6 items given to us and 1 handmade by us)
  • Made in China: 8 items (inc. 2 items given to us)
  • Unknown Origin: 6 items (all given to us)
  • Made in Europe: 5 items
  • Made in India: 1 item (given to us)
  • Made in Turkey: 1 item (given to us)

Now we are getting somewhere! 41.7% of all the items we have bought so far are made in the UK!

Hopefully we can get over 50% and start heading towards 75%!

I’ve just about decided that I’m going to return 2 baby products we ordered online from Mothercare that are made in China; the travel changing mat and the last baby dress. Once I have returned them the number of baby items made in China will only be 6.

A Shady Problem!

Picture of Next Butterfly Cut Out Light ShadeI was so annoyed! We had ordered a gorgeous lampshade for the nursery from Next with butterflies, hearts and flowers cut out of a pink fabric.

But until we picked it up from the store we didn’t know where it was made. Surprise, surprise there was “Made in China” on the label!

I must admit I liked the shade so much I thought we’d let this one go and keep it!

Picture of Heart Pendant LampshadeBut thankfully Robert suggested I looked to see whether I could find one made in the UK.

Google served up very little results but I did find Imperial Lighting, a family run manufacturing company in Devon. They have a number of children’s lampshades and the one that caught my eye was the Heart Pendant shade (£18). The only disappointing thing was the delivery charge of £8.50 taking the total for the lampshade to £26.50!

Picture of Shapes and Things  LampshadeI then decided to search the UK makers directory on the From Britain with Love website and found quite a few British lighting specialists.

Helen Rawlinson designs, prints and makes lampshades in London. This lovely Shapes and Things lampshade (£45) in powder pink or white is ideal for a nursery. She has also designed ABC lampshades too in many different colours – check out the Children’s Lampshades range here!

Picture of Daisy Pink Lampshade

Bay Design in Hertfordshire has a collection of handmade lampshades including fabulous hand painted and ribbon wrapped lampshades. I liked the Daisy Pink lampshade for £34.

Picture of Cow Parsley LampshadeHannah Nunn is based in Yorkshire and makes beautiful paper cut lighting inspired by nature and I love this Cow Parsley lampshade (£57).

So back goes the Next lampshade and then the only problem is trying to choose one from the UK made ones I’ve found here!

The Results So Far!

I thought it was about time to count up the baby items we have and post the results of how we are doing with the challenge!

Picture of Baby Items Made In Pie ChartThe baby items we have so far:

  • Made in the UK: 10 items (inc. 6 items given to us and 1 handmade by us)
  • Made in China: 8 items (inc. 2 items given to us)
  • Unknown Origin: 6 items (all given to us)
  • Made in Europe: 4 items
  • Made in India: 1 item (given to us)
  • Made in Turkey: 1 item (given to us)

Only 33% of all the items we have bought so far are made in the UK!

27% are from China, 13% are from Europe, 3% from India and 3% from Turkey.

I’m pleased that we have bought or been given baby products from the UK more than any other country, but 33% is still very low!