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Made in the UK Buying Bonanza!

With less than 3 weeks to go we have been making sure we buy the last remaining items we need!
Picture of DK Glovesheets Cot Bed Flat Sheets  Picture of Baby Bath Mat  Picture of Baby Bath Wash and Body Cream
We have bought 3 cot bed 100% cotton flat sheets, made in the UK, by DK Glovesheet from Bennellies, a baby bath mat from Boots, made in the UK and Little Me Organics baby bath wash and moisturising cream, again from Boots and made in the UK.

Picture of TotsBots Wet Nappy BagWe also swapped the original wet nappy bags (made in China) for TotsBots wet nappy bags which are made in the UK.

For my hospital bag I ordered 2 gorgeous personalised handmade wash bags from Heavenly Hearts on the Not on the High Street website, made in the UK and found Maternity Pads in Boots that are made in the UK.

Picture of Blue Rose Bud Personalised Wash BagPicture of Pink Rose Personalised Cosmetic Bag We checked out our local Scope charity shop to see if there were any second hand books and found quite a few were made in the UK.

Picture of Second Hand BooksAll new books seem to be printed in China and we’ve found it almost impossible to buy any baby books made in the UK.

We found 2 baby books and 2 classics (The Railway Children and The Jungle Books) in the Scope charity shop that were made in the UK so we bought them!

Phew! That was a lot of buying!


What Would I Do Without the “Not On The High Street” Website?!

Picture of Not On The High Street WebsiteI felt I must write about the website I use the most to find UK made baby items – www.notonthehighstreet.com

What is fantastic about this website is that you can filter products by “made in Britain“. This means I can enter “baby” into the search box and then select under Special Features (bottom of left side column) the  “made in Britain” checkbox and only view UK made products.

Picture of Baby Love Hanging Wall BlocksAdmittedly there are 1000 baby products made in Britain listed on their website which is a lot to go through. So I normally narrow my search to a specific baby product like “baby romper” which gives 33 items made in Britain.

Alternatively I just use the menu system under “baby & child” and selected a category and use the “made in Britian” filter once the products have loaded.

Picture of Personalised Bunting Wooden Sailing BoatsThis is how I found these gorgeous Baby Love hanging wall blocks! They are made in Suffolk by Ditto and you can customise the colours, choose to add a mini star or heart block above and change the wording to “baby girl/boy”.

I also found these lovely personalised bunting sailboats made by Rachel Pettitt. She also makes wonderful chunky wooden beach huts, personalised hanging wooden stars and butterflies and personalised fishing boats.