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Saturday’s Buying Spree!

On Saturday we had a very busy day! We went to the Birth & Baby Show in Leamington Spa and attended a couple of seminars on Baby Signing and Baby Swimming, as well as talking through our washable nappy options with Anna from the Cotton Nappy Company.

Picture of Wooden Elephant Baby MobileBefore visiting the Cotton Nappy Company shop in Leamington we popped in to Bravissimo to buy a couple of nursing bras (disappointingly made in China but very necessary!) and also into the Kinderroom shop to see if we could find any UK made baby toys.

We couldn’t find any toys made in the UK but purchased a wooden elephant mobile to go over the changing mat area that was made in Germany (£25.50).

TotsBots LogoWe then made our way to the Cotton Nappy Company shop and bought all the washable nappies and accessories we needed.

We had already decided on TotsBots nappies because they are made in the UK (Glasgow) and also because they have bamboo in them which is good for preventing eczema – click here see my previous post about choosing nappies.

Picture of Teenyfit White NappiesWe decided to buy 16 Teenyfit nappies (5-14lbs baby weight) which won’t last long but are a very straight forward one piece nappy, to make our lives a little easier in the first few weeks of having our new baby daughter!

Picture of Easyfit White NappiesWe then also ordered 16 Easyfit one size nappies (8lbs – toddler) for daytime wearing and 4 Bamboozle Stretch 2 piece nappies in size 2 for night time, along with 2 waterproof wraps (size 1 and size 2). These nappies should last us from birth to potty training.

Picture of Bamboozle Stretch NappiesAlong with the nappies we bought an accessory kit consisting of a nappy bucket (in a lovely lavender colour), 2 nappy mesh bags, 200 TotsBots  flushable and biodegradable liners (made in the UK), lavender oil (to fragrance the bucket), pack of 80 herbal natural baby wipes (made in China), 20 washable wipes (made in the UK), 1 waterproof nappy bag (made in China) and 2 TotsBots bamboo nappy boosters (made in the UK).

Picture of Swimtots Pink NappyWe also decided to buy an extra waterproof nappy bag (made in China), a pack of 6 washable nursing pads (made in Hungary), TotsBots swimming nappy (made in the UK) and a pack of 25 Natracare disposable nursing pads (made in the UK).

Phew! That took some doing! We then went home for a well earned rest!


My Nappuccino Session!

Picture of The Cotton Nappy Company ShopA few weeks ago a friend from AquaFit and I decided to go along to The Cotton Nappy Company’s free Nappuccino session, where they talk through all the washable nappy options over a cuppa.

Check out their website for more info: www.thecottonnappycompany.co.uk

We decided to use washable nappies for two reasons; it’s environmentally friendly, saving on landfill and disposable nappies will cost between £1,200 – £1,500 from birth to potty, compared to around only £300 for washable ones (saving over £900)!

The shop on Russell Street in Leamington Spa was full of gorgeous clothes and accessories which were very hard to pass by on my way to the Nappuccino room!

Anna, the owner of the business, made us a lovely cuppa and then spent an hour and a half explaining the various different types of washable nappies. We looked at 2/3 part and all-in-one nappies, bamboo and man-made fibre nappies and one-size to multi-size nappies from brands such as TotsBots, Mother-ease, bumGenius and more.

TotsBots LogoI was excited to find the range of washable nappies from TotsBots are made in the UK, in Glasgow. They also make nappies from bamboo which is a sustainable material and good for being next to the baby’s skin (Bamboozles range). TotsBots also have a range that are lighter and quick to dry for day use and a larger, more absorbent nappy for night time.

Picture of TotsBots Bamboozles NappiesAnna recommended I buy 4 night time bamboo nappies and 16 day time bamboo nappies.

The Cotton Nappy Company also sell an accessories kit with a bucket, 2 mesh bags, washable wipes, a wet nappy bag, flushable liners and herbal natural baby wipes. All you need to make changing nappies easier!

Picture of Organics for Kids Layette Gift Set


After the Nappuccino session we spent half an hour browsing the lovely baby clothes in the shop. They sell fairtrade, organic and some UK made baby and children’s clothes as well as lots of accessories and toys.

I found this gorgeous Newborn Gift Set from Organics for Kids containing a sleepsuit, vest, hat and mittens in a matching drawstring bag. It’s all made in the UK from 100% organic cotton in a lovely pink and white stripe fabric. There was 25% off the price so I didn’t hesitate and bought it straight away!