The Nursery

We only live in a 2 bedroom cottage so our spare room has to become the nursery. Currently I use it for my craft business so it’s full of material, buttons, card and sewing things!

Picture of Oak WardrobeFor the last 4 years we’ve had to have the top of our lovely solid oak wardrobe in our lounge because it wouldn’t fit up the stairs! So we decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and put a new window in the spare room and at the same time try to get the wardrobe into our bedroom.

Well the wardrobe went successfully through the spare room window hole but would it go through into our bedroom? No it would not!

So we got our wardrobe out of the lounge and upstairs but at the moment it’s stuck in the nursery!!! And in the nursery it’ll have to stay until we do our extension!

Picture of the Scroll Tree Wall StickerWe now have a lovely new white window in the nursery and so the next job was to design the interior!

We have olive green wallpaper on the walls and although it’s got a little delicate white flower pattern in it, it’s not very light or girly! I started to look at wall stickers to see if that was a good solution instead of re-wallpapering.

I found this lovely Scroll Tree wall sticker which will fit beautifully on the wall where we intend to put the cot bed. I found out it is made in America.

Then we visited our local carpet shop, Sagars, to try and find a 100% wool carpet made in the UK.

Picture of Cormar Malabar Textures Alabaster CarpetWell it took some doing and Sagars very kindly phoned a number of suppliers before finding us a carpet made from UK wool and manufactured in the UK. We have chosen 100% wool as I read somewhere that 100% natural fibre carpets will reduce the risk of the baby developing allergies.

The manufacturer is Cormar Carpets and it’s called Malabar Textures – Alabaster colour.

Picture of Dotty Rose Curtain FabricWe then took 5 sample books home with us to try to decide on the curtain material for the room. Again Sagars kindly phoned a number of suppliers to find out where the materials were printed.

In the end we chose a lovely dusty pink and white dotty material from Clarke and Clarke’s Modern Classics range. I am reluctant to mention their name as they were very rude to me on the phone when I tried to find out where the fabric was made. In the end they insisted that Sagars phone them to find out. Even Sagars were passed through to 3 people and then Clarke and Clarke had to go away to check and call back, before they had the information!

Anyway the fabric is printed in the UK – so hurrah!

So we have finally decided we’ll need to paint over the green wallpaper in off-white or cream to lighten the room and to make sure the wall sticker stands out and the curtain material works!

Now all we need to do is move all the furniture and my craft things into our bedroom so that the decorator will have space to paint the walls!

Update (25th July 2011)

The decorator has started painting the nursery today!

We decided to paint all the walls in the nursery pink! We have chosen a very light pink tint, called Party Surprise (6) for the one wall which we’ll put the Scroll Tree sticker on and a darker pink, called Candy Love (5) on the other 3 walls. We picked these from B&Q Dulux trade paints and bought some tester pots to try them out.

On our way to the checkout we noticed 2 ranges of eco paints (Dulux ecosense and Crown earthbalance). We tried to find the same sort of colours in these ranges but the Crown earthbalance range didn’t have any tester pots and the Dulux ecosense range had only a dozen colours and the pink we tried was too dark.

I am annoyed with myself for leaving it to the last minute but on Friday (22nd) I looked on the internet and found 3 other main suppliers of eco paints; Ecos Organic Paints, Nutshell Natural and Eco Friendly Paints (which Kirstie Allsopp has used in her Homemade Home) and Earthborn Paints.

All the companies had great colour ranges. I could see similar colours to the ones we had chosen from B&Q but by then it was too late to order and try out the tester pots and then order the paint for Monday when the decorator was coming.

So I have promised myself that I will use eco paints for when we do the third bedroom extension and then the nursey will have to be re-painted anyway.

I did find out that the Dulux paint we are using is made in the UK, so at least that’s good!

Picture of Next Butterfly Cut Out Light ShadeUpdate (26th July 2011)

We’ve found this lovely pink light shade for the nursery from Next with cut out butterflies, hearts and flowers.

We just won’t know where it is made until we buy it!

Lampshade Update (11th August 2011)

Picture of White Shapes and Things LampshadeAs my post on the main page reports the lampshade from Next was made in China! So I returned it and searched the internet for lampshades made in the UK. We decided to buy the lovely “Shapes and Things” children’s lampshade from Helen Rawlinson who designs and makes her shades in London. Today I fitted the white version in the nursery and it looks great! The light shines through all the different shapes and we look forward to pointing them out to our daughter.

Nursery Update (20th August 2011)

Here’s a photo of our nursery so far! It shows the lovely new spotty pink curtains, newly pink painted walls and new wool carpet.Picture of Our Nursery

We’ve moved a chair from our bedroom into the nursery for feeding and also, what we call the bureau (left in the photo), in there as a changing mat area. The wardrobe has gone behind the door (right of the photo) where the cot bed was going to go which means we now need to re-paint the adjacent wall (where the photo was taken from) in the light pink colour so we can put the Scroll Tree wall sticker where the cot bed will eventually go!

Cot Bed Installed (30th August 2011)

Picture of Cot BedWe picked up the cot bed from our friends at the weekend and put it together in the nursery. It seems huge in our small room but I guess that means it will last for many years to come!

We found out from a label on the base that it’s a Mamas & Papas cot bed made in Spain in 1986. It’s served over 4+ babies and toddlers in its time so it’s had a lot of use but looks virtually brand new!

So all we need to do now is put up the 80 stickers that make up the Scroll Tree wall art on the light pink wall to the side of the cot and the nursery will be finished!

Update (3rd September 2011)

Picture of Nursery Scroll Tree Wall Sticker

To be honest I had been putting off tackling the Scroll Tree wall sticker as I thought it would be quite complicated to do! But I decided to start by cutting out the main tree stickers and putting them in place with blue-tack, just to see if I could work out how to do it.

Once I started I couldn’t stop and then a couple of hours later we had finished and really enjoyed it! We decided to put some of the animal and flower stickers that should have gone down by the bottom of the tree, on top of the changing area and also to put a surprise squirrel over the door that can be seen from the cot bed!

Picture of Nursery Changing Area Wall StickersPicture of Nursery Surprise Wall Sticker

After all that concentration I had to have a snooze!


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